MCH Warminster: Recent Events

Our Montessori Children’s House: Warminster students have been very busy! Read below to see what they’ve been up to.

After completing a lesson on the floor, this student rolled up her mat to tidy up her work space. Work rugs like these help to define a child’s work area and instill a sense of order when completing a task.

Here, a student explored the winter sensory box. While learning about the names of some arctic animals, she experiences rough and smooth textures.

On the playground, two students shared a laugh!  This friendship began when they were toddlers and continues to blossom during their time in the primary class.

This student is deeply concentrating while comparing the visual differences between these knobbed and knobless cylinders. The red box emphasizes a constant in height with a decrease in width.

After arranging the red and blue counting rods, this student must match the written symbol to each counting rod.

This group of students formed a yoga body snake! 

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