New Library Special Coming to MCH Warminster!

Reading is a special experience that allows people of all ages to explore endlessly. Montessori educational methods recognize the importance, and magic, of reading. Reading contributes greatly to the linguistic skills that are highly prioritized in Montessori practices. Sounds, phonics, and writing are the foundations used to help children learn to read. Once children have some understanding regarding how certain words and letters sound, as well as how to write, they can more efficiently, and insightfully, read. To read more about this, click here.

Children at Montessori Children’s House, Warminster, are exploring the joys of reading through their new library special starting this week! The two students to the right are exploring their library and practicing how to gently handle books, as well as how they will carry them home in their new library bags each week. The new library special will include weekly visits from parent volunteers and monthly visits from the local Warminsrer librarian, Ms. Ann. During these visits, parents and the librarian will read to the students! So much learning, fun, and exploration is in store!

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