Montessori Holiday Gift Guide

As we make our way into December, we also make our way further into the holiday season! One of the best parts of the holiday season is the opportunity to give. In the spirit of giving we’re sharing a list, courtesy of The Montessori Notebook, including some of the best Montessori holiday gift ideas.

Here is a short list of some Montessori gift ideas from The Montessori Notebook:

1. Musical instruments (any age) – Melissa & Doug music puzzle

2. Grasping toy (newborn) – Skwish toy

3. Pop up toy (baby) – Galt pop up toy

4. Threading activity (young toddler) – Manine Montessori threading leaves

5. Press Here book (toddler) – Press Here

6. Hammering shapes activity (preschooler) – Tap Art Set

For the full list head to this link: The Montessori Notebook blog

For more gift ideas head to this link: SHOP Manine Montessori

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