How a TikTok Mom is spreading the Montessori way

While scrolling on TikTok a few weeks back, I came across a user called LauraLove. She has 7.3 million followers! Most of her videos focus on her two young sons and as it turns out, she is raising them using the Montessori method.

She has several recurring video series such as “java with Jonah”, where she films her youngest son Jonah helping her make her morning iced coffee.

Laura shows her two sons doing their every day activities and uses her videos to show the positives of raising kids using the Montessori and gentle parenting methods. She has videos such as this one, that show her using Montessori techniques to teach her children how to cook for themselves

She even has videos showing her sons when they, as most kids inevitably do, fight and break rules and do things that hurt each others feelings.


I know that figuring out tge need behind a behavuor & how to redirect can be a little challenging, i hope this helps! Let me know if you have a certain behavior you need help with! #fyp #foryou #toddlermom #parenting #gentleparenting #respectfulparenting #montessori #positivediscipline

♬ original sound – LauraLove

It’s so amazing to see what kind of solutions they come up with! They get VERY creative sometimes! 🤣♥️ #BBPlayDate #fyp #foryou #gentleparenting #respectfulparenting #viral #positivediscipline #parenting

♬ original sound – LauraLove

Laura showing her kids in real life situations helps spread the Montessori love. If you are on TikTok, I would highly recommend giving her a follow. You can find her at @lauralove5514 on the app.

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